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Hold on.

I see so many people who are feeling fragile these days, with so much pain and struggle. I believe that within each of us is a divine spark- a piece of Goddess/God. If that resonates with you at all, then hold that connection to divinity close, for it is always there even if you are unaware of it. Always. I will not try and tell you that everything happens for a reason, because that can seem like a very empty statement, but you are never alone in/with your pain. Never. That spark is part of a thread that connects with all that is/was/will be. I honor the Goddess/God piece within you, and I must treat you differently once I see it. You also must know that you are a worthy vessel. Hold on. There is strength within you yet, and comfort will be found. Not all is pain. Hold on. May the peace of the Divine find you often and as fully as possible.


Those were the right words at the right time and I thank you for them my friend.
Thank you.....
thank you my friend, for the comfort of these words.

You are a wise wise man. :)

Cant wait to see you and your lovely wife soon.
so sorry you are surrounded by so much pain. that's tough.
Thanks for this; I agree with you here.