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Jul. 24th, 2010



I'm writing from the shores of Lake Ontario where we are visiting the parents of my lovely wife. We drove 17 hours straight to get here - thats not to bad with two drivers. I hope the weather will hold and tomorrow we can make it to the Sterling Ren Fair. We try and visit her parents once a year, and always go to the fair when we are here. It is an excelent one, although it has suffered from budget cuts in the last few years. There are some regular music friends who are not there this year. We missed it last year and I am really looking forward to it.

Jul. 9th, 2010


(no subject)

I got a new IPod Touch for free with my new
computer. The little typing pad is a bother but I'm getting used to it


Jun. 28th, 2010



Oh Wow, I got home from PSG last night at 230 am. We drove almost 12 hours from Camp Zoe in the Ozarks of Missouri It all seems a blur. I met sooooo many incredible people this week. I played/sang/chanted and/or sat around and traded words with Damh the Bard, T Thorn Coyle, Shibaten, Coyote run, Jason Pitzl-Waters and Murphey's Midnight Rounders. The heat was pretty oppressive but Camp Zoe has a beautiful creek to dip and cool in. Shibaten is the most remarkable Dij player I have ever encountered. He makes sounds like no other, moves energy, and plays a variety of percussion at the same time. I have been a fan of Damh for many years and it was a joy to finally meet him. He is in so many ways like a twin of a different mother, and we both felt like we had known each other for along time. Thorn is a fascinating woman who seems to do 12 amazing things at once. Jason, of The Wild Hunt, is a humble insightful man who was a joy to talk to. I always enjoy hanging with Coyote Run and David and I always has fun banter- wonderful music. Murphey's Midnight rounders are a cool Pagan band. They had a few songs that really deserve to become pagan standards. You will hear from them. I talked with so many cool folks that my heat sodden brain could not retain many of their names.

My workshops went pretty well, but the dust got to me and I mostly lost my singing voice by Thursday. That lead me to sing less and tell more stories and concentrate more on the bardic and shamanic meanings of the tales. In the end, that felt like the better path, so a problem turned out to be a gift.

The rituals were strong as always, but I had to miss a few because sitting the the merch tent in the upper 90s and high humidity days just sapped the energy out of me. Traffic patterns were not optimal for vendors row and I hope Circle can come up with ways to help that. My Lovely wife and I did well sales-wise but we were able to go off and perform and give workshops to bring people in. The average camper was not very willing to brave the heat and walk all the way over to the vending area. We did have power, which was nice, but I would be willing to move to a different but better local, even if it meant giving up that power.

May. 25th, 2010


Chorus of a new song

Arise, Arise, and take to the air,
All lads and lasses strong.
Adventure sings-Your country calls
Sign up and come along.
The airship fleet ensures the peace
from here to the farthest shore.
Duty awaits, so join the cause.
in Her Majesty's Airship Corps

May. 20th, 2010

take the sword

Drilling to Energy indipendence

I heard Rush Limbaugh on the radio today. He said that drilling our way to energy independence is the only logical and sensible thing to do. In fact, Mr. Limbaugh, it is both illogical and senseless for several reasons, which I will go into a wee bit later. Once again your sense of what is "reason" eludes me.

The reasonsCollapse )

May. 5th, 2010


(no subject)

My lovely wife and I had a wonderful time last weekend. Anachrocon was a blast, but it went by way too quickly. It was small enough so that there was time to just sit around and talk. I had conversations ranging from health care to the merits of Gorilla glue- from whether Verne was steampunk, to electric motors and gear ratios. We heard great music and danced with ," Play it with Moxie," ,"Denim Arcade," and ,"The Extraordinary Contraptions." "Moxie," is a blues/jazz/swing/jive band. It reminded the two of us just how much we love swing dance and that we really ought to do it more often."Demin," is an unembarrassed 80s cover band and they cover it well. "The Contraptions" are sort of a guitar rock band with a steampunk flavor.

The panels ranged from the serious sort about gender roles in Steampunk lit, to the subject of steampunk super heroes. I think one of my next projects is going to be a steampunk "Shoveler" from "Mystery Men."
I also have to work on my metal helmet; it kept ending up askew on my head when I got sweaty- which is often when you are wearing a leather vest and a "Theronal fluid ignition and ejection" pack on your back.

Apr. 29th, 2010


Lost in Time

Well I am all packed and ready for Anachrocon. I added a copper lobster tail to my helmet this morning. I think it looks really cool. I also beefed up the tube that carries the "theronal blast pulse," from the backpack to the gun. I hope to have lots of pics from the weekend and Ill post em soon. The band has two new Steampunk songs that are almost ready for the public, but we aren't going as a band to the con anyway.I am going with my lovely wife.
My lovely wife just gave a marvelous fashion show in the living room while she decided what to pack. We should be pulling out in the late morning and getting there in the early afternoon. We may not be able to check in until 3. I think I am on a makers panel at 5. I hope to see some of you there.

Apr. 9th, 2010



Lets just be plain, Fox news has a serious anti-science bias and here is a clear example.

A couple of weeks ago, the Large Hadron Collider was switched on to half power. This giant ring is the largest scientific apparatus ever constructed by humanity. The project as a whole is a par in importance with the Apollo program and larger in its' scope. It has the potential to fundamentally rewrite our understanding of reality. Half power may not sound like a big deal, but it produced the most energetic collisions that have ever occurred on the earth -ever! So it was a big deal.

Within minutes,the BBC, MSNBC, and CNN all had large blocks about it at the tops of their pages with links to photos, video, and lengthy explanations. Fox had nothing- nothing. 4-6 hours later they added a small two line link near the bottom of the page that took you to two short paragraphs.
The LHC is not Republican or Democratic. It is not Conservative or the dreaded Progressive. It is just science- big important science. Fox did not really cover it. This is just one easy example. Fox is anti-science and that is sad.

Mar. 20th, 2010


It is the little things

I have been writing my profvonzott blog for over six weeks now. It is really hard to believe it has been that long. I am still really enjoying it and the exercise of writing within the character limitations of Facebook. I have a problem coming up that needed a solution. The answer came to me in a sudden flash of scene, and it actually solved two problems at once. I am enjoying this process so much that this occasion actually made me giggly.


Early this morning I helped a friend mark the point at which the sun rises over the hill on this day of equinox. We marked the edges of the sun's disc with staves of wood. Later this year, they will become tall stones. We stood and watched the final chill of winter faded into shadows by the golden sun of Spring.

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