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I am giving away a song for Yule/ Solstice/ Xmas. If you follow this link , you will see that #7 "Pantheon," is a free download. Enjoy and stay warm.


Thank you! I'm listening to "Pantheon" now and like it a lot. I like how you did the Freya Shakti chorus--nicely incorporated! Happy holidays to you and yours.
That is actually the original form of the Freya Shakti chant. These two chants were written together and meant to mesh. Only later did that chant become a song.
Arthur -- Congratulations on the new CD!! You probsably don't remember me but our paths have crossed a few times thru Logan. Emerald Rose had breakfast at our place in Tallahassee long ago -- I believe my driveway was an adventure for your green bus. -- Ken
I do remember bot you and the adventure with the bus. ;-)