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Freya Shakti


I'd forgotten how much I love this one! It's a great one for getting me moving of a Sabbat, is there an equivalent word a floor-filler? A circle-filler, maybe!
Thanks- I like circle-filler.

thanks for visiting LJ, stranger

I love this video! made me cry. what an amazing song. what a gift. makes me miss what ER was.
Ah! Brings goosebumps! I've been listening to the CD I bought at PSG this year in my car and this is definitely one of my favorites. I turn it up and sing along with it (like I don't do that with most of the others too!)

Would love to all of Emerald Rose back at PSG next year. I really enjoyed you singing at your booth this year - since we were camped just down the road I got to hear you all the time! :)
Loved it!!! One of my favs with video to boot!! Can't wait to see more!